[Serie] #ForumReflectionsByDillen [Part1] April 2023 by DillenvanderMolen @MrOfColorsPhotography #MrOfColorsPhotography


Hereby the first part of a photo serie i’m working on called #ForumReflectionsByDillen  using the screen of my Iphone12 as a Mirror but also with-out iPhone as mirror in color and BlackandWhite. Reflections found in and nearby the amazing @Forum.nl building. This is not in assignment for the Forum but just because I felt like doing this photo serie for the fun of photography. More photos will follow in time in a new blog post but in the same album on my Facebook.com/MrOfColorsPhotography(ClickHere)  like page. I will also upload in time some of these photos and the ones still to come on my @MrOfColorsPhotography(ClickHere).  IG or on my @MrOfColors Vero (ClickHere)  account or on my @BnwByColors Vero account (ClickHere) . And in the upcoming tie I will also make some new other photos regarding this same serie. Special thanks! to www.FotoSipkes.nl  www.Instaggram.com/FotoSipkes for the camera XH-[1] www.FujiFilm.com  borrow 

I hope you like these first images Greetings Dillen 





All Photos © 2023 DillenvanderMolen MrOfColorsPhotography





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