I’m #InspiredBy BlogSerie please meet Robin Jade @AmbientJade (@Robinjade9 @Robin_Jade_Model) Photographer / Retoucher / Model

Shot by Stina Rattasepp MUAH / Model / Retouch by Robin Jade

Robin and i go back, we both picked up the camera around the same time. It’s goes back to the days that we both where visiting the underground dance battle scene alot here in Holland. I was doing this for my website called tha5elements back than filming and a bit of photography but mostly filming she was also active in media but photographer. As times passed she made the choice to moved to London to proceed and set up her photography carrier and she took, achieved big steps since then. Publications of her work on busses in London and Vogue magazine (Italy), Manukamag and nwavemagazine, Robin is a true inspiration to me not only within her work but also within her mind state setting the bar high believing and achieving yourself starting from 0. And i really like it that we still are in contact and we speak from time to time. I wish you nothing but the best and that your photography carrier grows even bigger. Your’re awesome Robin! Hope to see you again soon in the near future.

Here are some of my personal favorites of Robin’s work



To see more of Robin’s work or her own modelling work please checkout! the following links below
Robin Jade

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