I’m #InspiredBy BlogSerie please meet Marvin Anthony (@Murph_Photo MurphPhotography)

The great colorful portrait Marvin made of me back in 2009 Photo by Marvin Anthony (@murph_photo)

I met Marvin a long time ago. I think about 15 years ago i’m now 34. He is the reason i really got into photography. I was really impressed of his photography skills and work and that got me so excited for me to try it aswell. If there’s was a hiphop/breakdance event Marvin was there usually with a small camera and not a really big lens like i saw many others do that made you different. I always and still look up to him how he was working to capture those moments of the artists and dancers from the scene. At that time i was still breakdancing myself than i was filming. Later i started with photography. But we always had a chat on the events followed each-others work online. A night a few years ago in a facebook chat conversation (or sms not really sure anymore) i had with Marvin he told me he was moving and that he overcame some personal problems i never knew about. Because some things you can’t see from the outside. I already had much respect for Marvin but after hearing that it only got more and still does. You gave me a key you gave me motivation and still does that still keeps me walking THANKYOU! and i sometimes think back of nice talks we had at the events/parties i do see the change my friend and im happy and proud of and for you. That gives me great joy inside you choose well and i know everything happends for a reason. But i do miss you friend

Here some of my personal favourites of Marvin’s work.






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