Commercial Photo Training with a @CocaCola Bottle (Thankyou! for the Follows) GiftFromColors by DillenvanderMolen @MrOfColorsPhotography

Last Friday i did some commercial photo training with a CocaCola bottle at De Hoger der A en Lage der A and Noorderplantsoen park here in Groningen.
This is the selection of photos that made it to the final editing. This was not an assignment for CocaCola I just felt like doing this training in the beautiful sunny weather and as gift for the brand. I hope you like the out come and Thankyou! for the Instagram follows @MrOfColorsPhotography / @MrOfColors and Twitter a colorful greeting from DillenvanderMolen @MrOfColorsPhotography

All Photos © 2020 DillenvanderMolen MrOfColorsPhotography

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