The Q&A @500px || Visually-impaired photographer Dillen van der Molen on creativity ||

For those who missed it?

Hello, The Q&A interview about my work is now live! and for everybody to see and read via/ this link . I’m very excited and very pleased with the out come i feel really honnerd and i’m very Thankful.
I hope you like the interview as much as i do it was an amazing journey setting this up. Im happy i walked it and i’ll keep walking step by step click by click. I never thought a few years ago that i’ll be on a blog post and shares with the leading photography community of the world at #500px.

There are a few people i would like to thank in particular for
standing by and helping me with this.
* Arnold de Meijer (Tekst/Sarah Robinson Team @500px)
* Anton Markov Photography (Portraits)
* Rens Valkenburg (MrOfColors. com GraphicDesigner/Webdesigner)
* FotoSipkes (PhotoStore)
* InspireMediaGroningen (Staff Marianne de Lange en InePaulien Weijer)

Portrait by AntonMarkovPhotography

Thanks alot to any-one who supports/likes/shares/comments/ on my work it means alot to me and its much appreciated Thankyou! very much.

Thankyou! very much Rana

Thankyou! very much Marvin

Have a great new week everybody!

Much Love

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