Top25 of 2020 by DillenvanderMolen @MrOfColorsPhotography #MrOfColorsPhotography Happy New Year Folks! Best Wishes to You and Yours for 2021 🌙✨🥂🎉 Be Safe 🌙✨🥂🎉

Hereby my Top 25 photos of 2020 based on my own personal choice and most liked. Not all photos where taken in 2020 but all photos have been released in 2020. It’s been a strange & tuff year for all. Luckly i was able and could walk alot and often to help add more joyful colors to my life and this world. It’s been a creative photography year for me where i learned alot about photography but also about my health in also combination with it helps alot. I hope your favourite photo is in this Top25. Step by step i’ll continue as much a i can. Hopefully all covid measures will be lifted in 2021 so we can all go back to that old normal living if not stay strong, safe and focused on the positive and enjoy what still can be possible. I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year! all the best wishes for 2021. And a massive 🙏☀️Thankyou! to all who supported my work over the past year(s) much love Dillen have a wonderful New Year’s Eve 🌙✨🥂🎉 be safe 🌙✨🥂🎉

All Photos © 2020 DillenvanderMolen MrOfColorsPhotography

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