Meet in the Street [Serie] Joost Doornik 04-05-2023 #ColorfulInTheStreets GroningenCity by DillenvanderMolen @MrOfColorsPhotography

A few days ago on the 04-05-2023 i had a wonderful meet on the street with the well known painter Joost Doornik infront of the DeStadsGalergie. We had a nice conversetion about colors/eyes/light and looking color use/ i asked Joost if it was okay if i captured some photos for him. He said yes ofcourse do your thing so i did. I hope you like the results. Thankyou! for the nice talk in the streets and for letting me do some close-up photos and we will probably see eachother again in the future in GroningenCity.

Greetings DillenvanderMolen



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DillenvanderMolen MrOfColorsPhotography

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