I’m #InspiredBy BlogSerie please meet @Joram_Krol Photography FujiFilm

Photo: DillenvanderMolen/MrOfColorsPhotography

I ment Joram Krol about twoo years ago here in Groningen we set up the first #InstameetGroningen. I already knew about his amazing photography work with great passionated drive and dedication to the Groningen streets. Joram Krol is known for the lightment of daily life and struggles that you see in the life in the street. When you look beyond and really have up and close a personal bond with the street, its people and it’s scenery’s. Like he calls its my friends from the streets. He captures this with amazing talent and pride i look up to you. Thankyou! for helping out and help organize the InstameetGroningen. I’m really happy that i have met you and that you became a good friend of mine. I recently bought one of his master pieces that’s now hanging on the wall in my living room.

Here some of Joram’s work and some of my personal favorites:


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See you at our next meet for a nice cup of thee a chat and a walk bro

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