2022 Photos [Serie] Inside [@The.Market.Hotel.Groningen] Project • by DillenvanderMolen @MrOfColorsPhotography [#MrOfColorsPhotography]

Dear reader,

In this blog you will find the first and upcoming photo’s i’ve edited and will still edit from inside the new and amazingly beautiful @TheMarketHotelGroningen @WestcordHotels. It’s been a wonderful journey so far with much to see and alot to learn and expand my creativity in serval ways flash no flash, depth of field perspectives, high low, my physical and mental condition. I would like to Thank TheMarketHotel for their input, support and hospitality and giving me this possibility of creating and letting me be free within my creativity. I hope you like the photos so far more photos will follow in time in this same blog on my website in the same folder on my like page https://tinyurl.com/2y36nczy

Greetings DillenvanderMolen @MrOfColorsPhotogrpahy

All Photos © 2022 DillenvanderMolen MrOfColorsPhotography MrOfColors.com.


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[SET5] of Seven





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