Wishing You and Yours ✨🌲🎅🏻✨A Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays [Have a Wonderful end of the Year season] ✨🌲🎅🏻✨

Gone till the 26th/27th to be with my family❤️.
Thankyou! very much to those who liked/supported/featured/reshared my work during the past year

Below you will see my personal Best9 of 2019 shared on Instagram

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Long post: Yesterday night i took the time to take a look back. Of all work i created over this passed year. I see growth, strength, relaxation, meetups, acceptation (like my friend @marliez_photography says don’t be uppset if something can’t go on she is right), more creativity and less fear. Im proud of myself. Which isn’t a easy task for the health conditions im in daily. This is my personal top9 over 2019. I would like to 🙏🏻Thank everybody who liked, likes featured/reshared my work on the socials. I want to wish you and yours a happy holidays/end of the year season✨🌲 and a happy new year. May all your dreams come true💫 in 2020 go for it and ill do the same. In special i would like to 🙏🏻Thank! ✨ • @inspiremediagroningen for helping me find my balance/health in life in combination with my work. • @fotosipkes for their ongoing support/advice/tips/ in becoming a better photographer and their friendship best photo store in town. • @umcgroningen for the possiblity for my own photo exibition which had to be postponed because of the operation i had to go through over the passed half year.. My hospital visits need to continue in beginning of 2020. But hopefully my photo exhibition will be there 2020 • @500px for the global Q&A interview regarding my work/life that appeared in the mid of this year on their website/blog and socials ▶️ (https://iso.500px.com/visually-impaired-photographer-dillen-van-der-molen-creativity/) ◀️ with help from anton_markov_photography & Arnold De Meijer, • Rens Valkenburg/Graphic Designer (NoIG) for his great and hard work making the MrOfColors.com website that came online. • @visit.groningen VVVTourisme (MarketingGroningen) for setting out and collaborating/helping within #InstameetGroningen idea Part4 coming 😀📷🎉 • • • • • • • • • • • • • #dillenvandermolen #topnine #bestnine #thankyou #fotosipkes #mrofcolorsphotography #christmas #kerst #kerstmis #holidayseason #groningen #lights #season #seasons #tree #groningenstad #photographer #canonnederland #daspasgrunnen #portfolioofcolors #groningenlife #500px #canonphotography #photography #journeyofcolors #super_holland #zoomnl #bestofnetherlands #dutch_connextion

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