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Portraits: By DillenvanderMolen/MrOfColorsPhotography

I’ve known Anis for about 4 years now we also met through Instagram @A2j_Photography. I was amazed by the way he captured landscapes and citycapes and the use of colors within his captures and edits. Anis is growing on a national and global scale day by day. It’s really nice to witness seeing a friend doing good. Anis is also involved with the #InstaMeetGroningen events. On the second edition of the InstameetGroningen last year April, Anis and JoramKrol held a reading about there work as photographers. What was refreshing and inspiring at the same time. Anis will also be involed again in the upcoming 3rd #InstameetGroningen this and all info will be released any time soon via @Visit.Groningen. It’s very hard work his power, motivation and dedication also gives me power to keep moving. But also his drive to innovate capture and try other things is what i also find really inspiring. Thankyou! very much for your nice photos, helping within the InstameetGroningen and your nice portraits of myself really happy and honored with them see you again soon bro.

Some personal Instagram favorites of the work of Anis

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